Who Feels It, Knows It.

The life of a destitute asylum seeker is hard

Distressing and unbearable

My burden gets heavier

My world has stopped changing for the better

Every night I go to sleep, I keep wondering

What will tomorrow bring?

When my eviction letter is going to arrive?

This journey is rough and chances are scarce

There are times when I’m left with no choice

But I don’t care.

All the things I go through

I feel no shame.

My conscience is clear

Every sign shows no way out

I don’t roll down and weep

But keep living the hard life

Giving it all I have

Believing in love and hope

Because one day my sun will shine for me

God only knows what my life would have been

Without the help of charities

Living is hard

But I will continue

Continue to be thankful for the little I have

Because I do not know when my cup will overflow

If you have never been here, you cannot know

That is why ‘who feels it, knows it’.

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