I am not me without my family

I am 21 years old. But when I was separated from my mother I was 19. I was torn apart from my mum for 19 months and I spent 17 months away from her in other countries and 2 months in the UK. When we started our journey from Iran to go somewhere safe we did not expect to be separated on the way. When my dad and I lost my mum we did not know what to do for a few day. We did not know where she is and what she is doing. Nothing. I couldn’t stop crying inside. I was thinking about her constantly.

I am an only child. It was so difficult for me to go through difficulties without my mum. I had my dad with me, but I kept thinking about my mum. Who was with her?

I have gone through lots of different experiences. I had too many ideas in my mind. If she was with me it could be better.

I was in detention center for 6 months without my mum.

I tried to pass many different country borders I without my mum.

I was in hunger strike for 9 days without my mum.

I was in a disgusting cottage for 5 days without my mum.

I was at the back of a lorry without my mum.

I passed the channel and came to the UK without my mum.

When I thought I would eventually see my mum in the UK, they transferred me to Liverpool and I spend another 2 months away from my mum.

I was already away from my mother, but they also sent me a letter twice to separate my accommodation from my dad. I refused to do so, it was enough not to be with my family. Finally BRC helped us to be transferred to my mum’s accommodation in Newport, and I found peace and joy of living with my family after nearly two years.

I was a little girl when I was torn apart from my family, but I am a big big girl now.

I was 19 then, but I am 21 now. But I am still a child of my family and I love living with them.


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