Voices of those seeking sanctuary in Italy – open letter

This is a special feature from our fellow ambassadors in Italy, who are speaking up and representing their rights to promote a more positive asylum system. Every refugee voice matters, so we are supporting this letter and hope that this will contribute to some positive change in the Italian asylum system.


We are against the withdrawal of the Humanitarian Protection (2 years) that Italy granted to clandestine migrants.
This has dishonoured all Africa and the world.

Since Mr Salvini ascended to power, the law has been flouted.
When migrants pass into “commission” (asylum protection),  of 100 people, less than 5% obtain a residence of 5 years; this is not normal.

Mr Salvini has ended the entry of the migrants passing through Libya, but he cannot ignore that in 1914 and 1936, during the 1st and 2nd World War, Europeans fled Europe to find refuge in Africa.

Our wish is that Mr Salvini gives us back again our smile, and restores the Humanitarian Protection (2 years) as in the past.

A group of asylum seekers speaking up from Southern Italy

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