An exhibition created by London VOICES Ambassadors. The VOICES Network is collective of refugees and people seeking asylum who want to use their lived experience to help change minds, change policy and change practice.

The Farewell Kitchen and Café in Islington is going to host an exhibition of this work. This will run from Friday 4th October for three weeks.

The exhibition is on the theme of the Right to Work. People seeking safety in the UK are currently banned from working. Unable to provide for themselves and their families, they are often left to live in poverty. They receive £5.39 per day to meet their basic needs. In the paintings around you, VOICES Ambassadors reflect on how this has impacted their health, freedom and families.

The London VOICES Network is campaigning to Lift the Ban denying people seeking asylum the right to work. As you look at the artwork around you, we invite you to stand alongside VOICES Ambassadors and join the campaign: pick up an activism pack, sign the petition and find out more about how you can help win the right to work for people seeking asylum.

See below the artwork

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