What is VOICES Network?

VOICES Network is a network of experts-by-experience in the UK asylum system. Our VOICES Ambassadors are happy to share their experience and opinions to change minds, policy and practice.

We are at the receiving end of the asylum policies and therefore we consider ourselves as experts of these policies. We know that sometimes even a smallest change in the legislation, or in how policies are put into practice, can have huge impacts on the individuals. Rather than relentlessly criticising the barriers in asylum and migration area, we simply believe that our experiences and stories should be heard, because they matter.

Earlier in 2019, all our local networks across the UK came together to discuss our priorities in raising our VOICES; and we are now working on these areas: right to work, access to education, effective asylum process, detention, accommodation/housing, and family reunion. Have a look at categories in the heading to navigate through the particular pages about these issues to hear more about our VOICES about these.

See below what our ambassadors think about VOICES Network and follow our twitter account to stay up-to-date @VOICES__Network: